As well as being used for services, churches are sometimes used for music and other events.  In our village, each Easter there is a religious celebration where young shepherds and shepherdesses are blessed along with a lamb.  The above photo shows with some young friends from the village outside the village church. On another occasion two guests accompanied us to a concert in l’église Saint Pierre.  After they said that the simple concert in a French village, was the highlight of their holiday.  The locals were pleased that visitors had enjoyed the event.  
Probably the most famous event in the area is the re-enactment of the Bataille de Castillon.  The battle took place in 1453 and was the final battle of the one hundred years war between France and England.  Up to this point, for three centuries, Alienor's Aquitaine belonged to the English Crown.  This period in history resulted in many wonderful fortified villages where we can visit to admire or to shop. The re-enactment takes place on several nights at the end of July and the beginning of August each year.  There are typically over 500 performers including about 50 on horseback and the spectacle takes place over 2 hours.
In the background to this page and in the ‘impressionistic’ photo above you can see a photo of the nightime spectacle where locals re-enact moments in history from the life of the village of La Sauve and the abbey of La Sauve Majeure. This takes place in September and is well worth a visit to watch as well as to eat and drink a little! The evening always ends with a spectacular fireworks display.
In the summer there are many medieval events, such as above, where the emphasis is more on pleasure than a serious historical study.  There is usually some falconry, typically across, but sometimes on, the heads of people eating. 
If your visit does not coincide with one of the larger events, do not worry, in the summer there are many events, such as nightime or daytime village fairs, such as above.  There are also classical or jazz  concerts in chateaux where music and wine are linked.  Some of these take place all year round. We have up to date news of such events and visitors to the area are always welcome.
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