Some guests arrive with their ideas of places to visit already well formed and with visits already arranged.  For those wishing to visit vineyards this is often the best approach since appointments made well ahead are advisable and we can often help you with these.   However for those guests who have interests in addition to wine tasting, our local knowledge, while you are with us, can be helpful to get the best from your time here. Some days of the week are better than others to visit, or not visit, a particular place or town or it might be that a particular event is taking place during your stay. We try to suggest places off the beaten track and where to park, in towns such as Saint Emilion, which are busier.  Even in summer there are times which are quieter than others. Your day might start with a visit to a local market,  perhaps just to look and meander in a market that has probably been held on the site since the middle ages.  You will see many tempting things to buy for a picnic.  We can suggest many peaceful picnic spots. Then perhaps a visit to an historically interesting site and perhaps a wine tasting.  Do not forget that afternoon tea is waiting for you at Beau Séjour. They say that copying is the sincerest form of flattery but it can be irksome.  We had intended publishing specific routes here but having found that another chambre d’hotes was copying our ideas we decided against it.  We do have printed routes for guests which we can discuss and which you can use with pleasure.
We know some picnic spots but     you can also find your own!
In the top photo, we are happy to  share    our favourite markets with you.       Below just enjoying the river
Enjoy oysters at just 1€ each by the sea
Bordeaux Wine Country - Suggested Routes
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